About us

Our vision is providing quality services and long term commitment to leading clients.

Our vision is built around:

  1. People,
  2. Technology Knowledge and
  3. Customer Focus.

ROSOL has been founded upon the firm belief that maintaining a company profile focused on People will allow us to create value in the short and long term. Most of the companies executes the same business strategy, provoking that their products and services tend to become identical. So, the only way to create a sustainable competitive business advantage is to work with talented and motivated People, because at the end it’s People not profits that make or break the company.

If we join these talented People with a solid Technology Knowledge we can offer premium solution to our clients.

The third dimension of our vision concerns our Customer Focus, that places customer satisfaction at the core of each our business decisions.

ROSOL groups its activities into the Consulting, Industrial Services, Training & Certification and Outsourcing.